Seller Pricing

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Our Fees
You pay nominal fee to us only on your successful transaction.  We do fastest payment to our vendor so that you can do more business without keeping money on hold for long.  Our marketplace fees system is simple and easy to calculate.

Commission Fees* –  Starts with 3%. Varies upon product category
Operating Cost – Rs. 30 fixed. (It is Rs. 20, for product price less than Rs. 200)
Shipping Charges –  Varies based on volume and distance (Minimum charges Rs. 30) 
Transaction Fees* – 2 % on the order Item Value (i.e., on Sale Price)
Service Tax – 18% on sum of above total amount (This will change as per Govt. rules)


*Fees are subject to change.

Shipping Options
You can opt for any one shipping option for your product delivery. This gives us the flexibility to do shipment from any location especially for those sellers who is selling from remote places. As part of our shipment process, we recommend shipping product through our selected courier vendor only. The options are as below – 

1.    Handover the packed* product to our courier partner and they will deliver. Free pickup will be done by our courier partner.
2.    Handover the packed courier to our collection team and we will get it delivered.
3.    You can opt to pack and deliver the product as per your choice of courier. In this case courier charges will have to be bear by you and we will not deduct any shipping charges. 

In case of option-1 & 2, shipping charges will be deducted from the product price before doing the payment to you. For option-3 we will not deduct any shipping amount. 

*All goods needs to be packed properly to avoid any physical or liquid damage to the product. If required, we will do further packing on the product for safer delivery.


Our shipping charges in case of option-1 & 2 is as below – 

Weight Local Within State Neighboring State Other State Between Metro and State Capital* National capital Region-Delhi/ Ghaziabad/ Noida/ Greater Noida/ Faridabad
Up to 500 gm 30 Rs. 50 Rs. 60 Rs. 80 Rs. 70 Rs. 40 Rs.
Every Additional 500 gm up to 5 KG 8 Rs. 14 Rs. 18 Rs. 20 Rs. 18 Rs. 10 Rs.
Every Additional 500 gm above 5 KG 10 Rs. 16 Rs. 20 Rs. 22 Rs. 20 Rs. 12 Rs.


*Provided it is not covered under, within state or neighboring State.
**The above tariff is in INR and exclusive of any service taxes. 18 % service tax will be levied on this.
***Delivery period will be from 2 days to 8 working days depending upon the distance

As part of our effort to reduce the overall operating cost we will ensure the lowest shipping cost without compromising on the speedy quality delivery. The benefit of less shipping charges will be transferred to vendor and in-turn it will also benefit our customer.    


Following products are restricted and cannot be sold on

1.    Any hazardous or chemical products.
2.    Breakable and highly delicate items – Like product made of thin glass.
3.    Allopathic medicine or any regulated or prescribed medicine.


Please Note: As per new rule under GST, we will be deducting 1% TDS on final product selling price and will be submitting to Income Tax. This can be claimed by the seller while filing Tax. This is subject to applicable for your product.  Please contact us for more details and clarity.