Synaptics Announces Fingerprint and Facial Recognition System for Mobile Devices (0)

Synaptics has announced a brand new multi-factor biometric fusion engine that combines both fingerprint readers and facial recognition software for smartphones, tablets, and notebook .The Silicon Valley 
biometrics company says the system would allow users to choose and use the facial or fingerprint authentication systems interchangeably or even combined.For example, a user could opt to login using facial recognition rather than scan their finger if they are using their smartphone or tablet wearing gloves.Alternatively, the fusion engine could also let you sign in with both your face and your fingerprint at the same time for 
an added amount of security.Biometric security solutions such as fingerprint sensors, facial and voice recognition, retinal scanning and even finger-vein scanning rely on data that make each individual person unique,
 therefore making it all the more harder for digital thieves to fake and bypass.The biometric technology would let users scan their fingers to verify their identity while using online payment services including PayPal and other content sensitive transactions.

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