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Do A Free Customer Registration on Festivedeal.com and Get Rs. 50 Credit In Your Account. For Detail Read Below.

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Festivedeal Terms and Conditions for Above Offers
Quote Your Price - T&C
You can quote price for any product even for those which is not listed on our website. Our effort will be to give you lowest prices
   across major online seller. This way you benefit to get the product at lowest price without wasting your time and energy.
Price should be quoted reasonable only and should be requested as per business ethics of sales.
Quoting a product price does not bond us to give you product to you at that price only. Though our effort will be give you a product
   at lowest possible price and to match with your expectations.
Also, quoting a price does not guarantee anything to customer or requester. 
This is a limited period facility which can be terminated any time without any notice. 
Our intention is honest to help you to buy right product at lowest possible price. 
Quoting a price is not buying a product.
Festivedeal management decision will be final and binding to all requester.
The product category should not include any medical related equipment or medicine. It should also not contain any hazardous,
   dangerous or chemical products. Product size should be such as that it can be shipped to your location. 
Gold Member - T&C
To become a gold member you need to first do a Free customer registration on festivedeal.com 
Gold member can get more benefits in terms of pricing and discounts on some product or product category. This is as per the available
   offers and benefits that run from time to time. 
You can save further from 5% to 10% depending upon the discount given for any product.
This offer to become FREE gold member on purchase of 10,000 is for limited period and can be terminated any time without any notice.
The gold membership is valid for 1 year. This needs to be renewed every year. The price for renewal will change from time to time and
   will be communicated accordingly. In case on your good buying performance you may get free renewal for gold membership. This is
   as per the Festivedeal management decision. 
Registration Credit of Rs. 50 - T&C
To avail this offer you first need to do Free customer registration on festivedeal.com
The offer is given in the form of coupon code, which can be utilized only once. This coupon code will be communicated to you on your
   email id within 4 working days from the date of registration.  Though our effort will be to send you as soon as possible. In case if you still
   did not received a coupon code then kindly email us at – contactus@festivedeal.com. We will sort out immediately. 
The coupon code can be utilized on the purchase of total value of Rs. 500 and above
   In case if we found that the registration is done on fake email id, or contact number or on fake address and name then we will terminate
   this offer. The detail should be genuine.   
This offer is for limited period and cannot be clubbed with any other offer. 
Additional 15% Cashback - T&C
To avail this offer you first need to do Free customer registration on festivedeal.com. This 15% flat disount can be used in  your next purchase. 
The value of the discount  coupon voucher will be max Rs. 1000. 
This offer is for limited period and cannot be clubbed with any other offer. 
The is valid only when you buy a product after logging to your customer account. Else you won’t be able to utilize this offer. 
Offers date can be changed without any prior notice or communication.
FD e-Voucher - T&C
FD e-Voucher is an electronic form of voucher which is communicated to the recipient email id. 
This e-voucher is sent once the purchasing is completed with successful payment. 
The voucher values may vary and can change without any further notice o communication. 
You can select type of e-card that you want to send in the form of e-voucher.
You can send this e-voucher to your parents, kids, relatives or friends so that they can buy products of their choice online from festivedeal.com
There is no Tax deduction in buying a voucher. Full amount of shopping can be done on Festivedeal.com
In case of refunds for e-voucher we will charge payment transaction charges of 2% + 18% service tax on 2%. This will be deducted from
  the total amount before doing refund.  We don’t charge anything from you but do a deduction which is done by the payment gateway
  and banks.