SAVE 3% Athak Masaledar Sattu, 1 KG (Pack of 2 X 500 Gram)

Athak Masaledar Sattu, 1 KG (Pack of 2 X 500 Gram)

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The roasted gram flour originates probably from Bihar, but is equally popular in eastern UP as well. You must be curious about the flour if you have not already tasted it.Sattu is considered strengthening, cooling, light meal that does not sit heavy on your system and even helps detox as it is quite rich in soluble fiber. Normally it is consumed with raw onion and chopped coriander greens so the cleansing effect of the meal is even better. The best thing about sattu is, it is a great food for babies, adults and even old people as it is light to the digestive system and yet very nutritive. High on Iron, Magnesium and Manganese, low on Sodium, low on Glycemic index makes sattu a favorable food for diabetics and for weight watchers as well.

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